Music at St. Augustine-St. Francis Xavier

Music is an integral part of spiritual life at our parish. Our Director of Music Ministries is Dr. Michael Kaminski.

If you are interested in our choir or any other aspect of music at our parish, please contact Dr. Kaminski at [email protected] or leave a message for him at the rectory – (718) 638-1880. 

Have you ever wanted to be transported back in time? If you sing, are looking for a way to augment your religious experience or want to try something new, join us for a session at the parish’s Gregorian Chant Schola.

The Schola has members from diverse musical backgrounds – from neophytes and amateurs to classically-trained musicians. We gather weekly to chant Latin psalms and hymns in a musical tradition that is more than one thousand years old in one of the city’s most beautiful churches. The Schola is a low-commitment group which welcomes all, including walk-ons and guests.

Some members experience chant as prayer in the form of music based on the Psalms and other ancient texts that have been sung for centuries. Others are drawn to the music’s beauty, while others find it to be a meditative tool and a healing balm in difficult times.

On Good Friday, St. Augustine’s is the only church in the city to provide the unabridged monastic service in Latin called the Tenebrae. The four-hour service by the Schola is a retelling of the dramatic story of the Passion through psalms and prayers chanted with accompanying choral responsorials. Tenebrae can be experienced in its entirety or in smaller 30- to 45-minute sections on a drop-in basis, and English translations are provided.

All are welcome to join us.

Photo by SVK Photos