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Lending Library

St. Augustine - St. Francis Xavier Parish
116 6th Ave., St. Augustine
Brooklyn, NY 11217

What's in our library? It offers more than 500 religious books and videos ranging from the classic to the contemporary. It also includes a children's section with prayer books, lives of the Saints, and Bible stories for children from tots to early teens.

The library is located in the vestibule of St. Francis Xavier under the choir loft steps.

It's easy to use the library. Every book and video has a number. To borrow a book, simply find the numbered index card (in the card file on the library table) for the book or video you wish to check out, write your name, telephone number, and the date borrowed on the index card. Then file the index card in the back of the card file. It's as simple as that. Magazines do not require a sign-out. We ask that you return borrowed items in about a month. Enjoy!

Here are some books of recent vintage that can be found in the library:

  • "Catholic and Christian: An Explanation of Commonly Misunderstood Catholic Beliefs" by Alan Schreck (#B376)
  • "Catholic Customs: A Fresh Look at Traditional Practices" by Regis J. Flaherty (#B553)
  • "The Catholic Experience" by Lawrence Cunningham (#B108)
  • "The Catholic Thing" by Rosemary Haughton (#B460)
  • "Essential Catholicism" by Thomas Bokenkotter (#B111)
  • "Male and Female He Created Them: On Marriage and the Family" by Cardinal Medina-Estevez (#B740)
  • "Paths from Science Towards God" by Arthur Peacocke (#B197)
  • "Reflections on the Catechism of the Catholic Church" by Rev. James Socias, ed. (#B264)
  • "Reform of the Papacy ? Studies on Papal Primacy" by John Quinn (#B671)
  • "Sexuality and Catholicism" by Thomas Fox (#B552)
  • "Why Be Catholic?" by Richard Roh (#B459)
  • "Why Do Catholics Genuflect? And Answers to Other Questions" by Al Kresta (#B554)
  • "Why I Am A Catholic" by Garry Wills (#B670)
  • "Why I Am Still A Catholic" by Kevin & Marilyn Ryan, ed. (#B377)